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We had a wonderful time learning white water kayaking from Andy. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had (and that is saying a lot as I have had lots and lots of teachers over the years and careers). We definitely are looking forward to more kayaking. Again, many thanks for putting together such a fine team at Wet Planet. We are looking forward to the Tieton trip.

Rob & Terry

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Hell’s Canyon

Difficulty: III - IV

Ages: 7+

Season: June – September

Price: 4-Day: Adult $1250; Youth $1000

Length: 4 Day Trip

Hell's Canyon Reservation

2014 Launch Dates: June 16, 24, July 2, 18, 26, August 3, 11, 19, and 27

Included: All meals, rafting gear, camping equipment, & transportation back to the put in!

One mile deep in Idaho's Hell's Canyon , the Snake River carves through the magnificent and historical landscape after nearly 6 million years of major geological events. No bridges cross the river's path and no roads reach the banks. Thus, rafting down the river is the only way to experience America's deepest canyon.

Hell's Canyon River Rafting

Towering Mountains and a Thriving Landscape

Despite the river's intimidating name, a multi-day rafting trip though Hell's Canyon includes spectacular wildlife, thrilling class III-IV whitewater, and deluxe camping accommodations.

Dividing Oregon and Idaho, the Nez Perce Indians named the deep gorge the "Place of Shadows." At 8,000 ft above the river, the Seven Devils Mountain range lines the riverbanks on the eastern Idaho side, and Oregon's Blue mountains extend to the west for miles. Designated as a Wild and Scenic River, Hells Canyon boasts towering mountain peaks, precipitous granite outcroppings, breathtaking vistas and quiet solitude.

From the barren, steep slopes in higher alpine areas to the lushly vegetated areas at lower elevation, the Hells Canyon Wilderness is a wonderland of incredible flora and fauna. Spot sunbathing otters along the shore, nesting bald eagles, or flittering Western Pipistrelle bats. Bighorn sheep, badgers, black bear, or even the rare Peregrine falcon also call the Hells Canyon Wilderness home.

A Routine for Relaxation and Adventure

Awake each morning to the sounds of chirping birds, the warmth of the sunrise, and the smell of coffee. Enjoy a warm breakfast prepared by your guides while you get ready for a day on the river. Your days will consist of surging through world-class rapids (such as Wild Sheep, Granite Creek, and Waterspout), hiking to historical sites and relaxing to the lull of the river. Guests may want to cast a line to catch fish, or take a dip in the warm water.

We will explore the cultural history of the river with visits to pictographs, pit houses and rock shelters used by Native Americans and early settlers. You will feel the rich history as you travel pass these sites, knowing that the first explorers traveled through the same wilderness as you.

No matter what activities fill your day, your trip will be adventuresome, rejuvenating, and relaxing.

Guides prepare a gourmet dinner, including appetizers and desert, every night at your riverside campsite. The group often shares stories while enjoying a satisfying meal. Soon, the sparkling stars will cover the sky, helping you to fall asleep.

With world class rapids, cultural history, beautiful beaches, and warm water, this multi day rafting trip proves to be a trip of a lifetime for all ages.

Our Hells Canyon rafting adventure trip lasts for 4 exquisite days. All gear is included (camping equipment, rafting gear, and meals) on this relaxing multi-day adventure through the deepest canyon in North America. If you have special needs, we can tailor the trip to your particular family or group.

Give us a call now (877.390.9445) for more information on these incredible trips! Check out our Hell's Canyon Info Sheet for details on packing and directions.

Note: This trip is contracted and operated through Winding Waters River Expeditions.


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