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Multi-Day River Rafting Trips in Oregon and Idaho

At Wet Planet we want you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life on the river. Forget your cell phone and e-mail accounts and shift your focus to relaxing on a raft and examining the canyon walls as you gently float downstream.

  • Pull over at a riverside hot springs for a therapeutic soak.
  • Stop to explore a side canyon or creek for a short hike.
  • Discover evidence of past civilizations and try to decipher pictographs and petroglyphs painted and etched onto smooth granite walls.
  • Hike up to the rim of the canyon for an unparalleled view to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • Sleep outside on a pristine white sand beach and awake in the morning to the warm rays of the sun drifting across your face. 
  • Delight in the smell of a hearty breakfast emerging from the kitchen as your guides offer you a fresh cup of coffee.


These are the simple pleasures of spending multiple days on a river trip with Wet Planet.

We offer a variety of the country's best all-around multi-day river trips suitable for everyone from first timers to the most experienced whitewater rafters. All of these adventures are perfect for families of all ages as well as individuals looking for a fun and purposeful vacation.

Whether you're floating through the remote desert canyons of the Owyhee River, negotiating the many rapids of the Snake River through Hell's Canyon, enjoying the warm waters on a Rogue River Rafting adventure, or taking advantage of the perfect kayak instruction immersion opportunities on the Lower Salmon River, you are sure to walk away from our trips full of memories and ready to plan your next Wet Planet adventure!

Our guides love to cater our river trips specifically around the guests' interests. If you like to spend your afternoons relaxing, reading or simply listening to the river currents, we'll take care of everything. If you like to get involved with cooking meals, we welcome the help.

More than anything else, we value the time spent on these amazing river journeys experiencing the magic of river running with new friends and returning guests. 

Day Trips

 River TripsClassAgesSeason
 White Salmon River Full-DayIII-IV10+July - October
 White Salmon River Half-DayIII - IV10+April - October
 Klickitat RiverIII+10+April - June
 Hood RiverIV (V at high water - previous experience required)16+April - May
 Wind RiverIV - V (previous experience required)18+April - June
 Tieton RiverIII+10+September
 The FarmlandsIV - V (previous experience required)18+May - July

Groups & Packages

 River TripsClassAgesSeason
 White Water and Wine Rafting TripIII - IV21+May - September
 Boats + Beds ~ Lodging PackagesIII/IV10+April - September
 Group ReservationsVaries by River10 +April - September
 Raft and BBQ!Varies by River10 +April - September
 Wedding PartiesVaries by River10 +December - September

Multi-Day Trips

 River TripsClassAgesSeason
 Rogue River RaftingII-III10 +June - August
 Owyhee RiverIII (Moderate) 10+April - May
 Multi-Day Rafting CombosVaries (see below)Varies (see below)April - May
 Lower Salmon RiverIII5+June - September
 Hell’s CanyonIII - IV7+June - September