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Guest Testimonials


Thanks to Todd, Giani and the Wet Planet staff for a great three day WRT class. Very well organized and presented!

R. Warren Krager, R.G, C.E.G.  Principal Engineering Geologist

I've done two kayak courses at Wet Planet. The rescue course has already helped me make one effective rescue which I would have been a useless bystander if I hadn't taken the course. The second was a creeking skills course and it reinforced the guilty feeling I had after the rescue course - I get so much more than I pay for from Wet Planet, Andy, Todd, and the staff, that I feel like I would have gotten a bargain at twice the price.

Scott, Hood River, OR

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River Rescue (SRT-1 & WRT)

Course Requirements: Skills in the water

Dates: 2014: April 18-20, May 16-18, June 20-22, September 26-28

Price: $325 / $370

River Rescue

RRC-Pro (For guides and instructors) | SRT or WRT (for SAR personnel and boaters)

GUIDE SCHOOL DISCOUNT: Participants of our Guide School (includes a multi-day raft trip on the Owyhee River) will receive a special rate of $195/person for their Whitewater Rescue Training Certification.

For Paddlers, Professional River Guides, Whitewater Instructors, Search and Rescue Personnel, and Firefighters

The skills necessary to perform rescues in a whitewater environment are essential for all paddlers and rescue personnel, from the professional raft guide, to the private kayaker, to a Search and Rescue team member. At Wet Planet, we offer our knowledge and experience to those looking to increase their swift water rescue skills.

River Rescue Training Photos

We provide three-day river rescue courses designed by paddlers for paddlers, utilizing experiential learning in actual river environments. The course mixes classroom instruction with hands-on practice in the river environment, focusing on quick and efficient techniques to respond to rescue situations that may occur in the whitewater environment.

Typical topics for the course include:

  • Rescue gear and preparation
  • Rescue organization
  • Practice with rescue ropes
  • Whitewater swimming
  • Strong swimmer rescues
  • Shallow water diving and wading
  • Victim stabilization
  • Boat retrieval
  • Ropes systems
  • Mechanical advantage systems
  • Strainer management


These rescue skills are practiced and refined during a series of realistic river scenarios.

This course meets the requirements for certification as either Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) or Swiftwater Rescue Tecnician 1 (SRT 1) by Rescue3 International.

The cost: $325 for WRT certification by Rescue3 / $370 for SRT 1 certification by Rescue3. Lunch is not included, but feel free to bring your own. The Wet Planet Café will also provide an assortment of delicious hot or cold sandwiches and other tasty offerings, available for purchase.

This swift water rescue course meets the Forest Service and Washington State requirements for river rescue certification required of whitewater guides in the Columbia River Gorge.  The WRT certification is appropriate for whitewater paddlers and anyone working in the whitewater industry.  The SRT 1 certification is only necessary for individuals working for an agency (typically government related) that require SRT 1 and NFPA certification to meet their requirements.  (Please call us if you have any questions about the different cerfitications)Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) or Swiftwater Rescue Technicial 1 (SRT 1) certification provided by Rescue3 International.

Professional Training

 Course TitleDatesCost
 River Rescue (RRC Pro)May 9 - 11$325
 ACA Kayak Instructor CourseMay 12-16, 2014 - 5 days$500
 River Rescue (SRT-1 & WRT)2014: April 18-20, May 16-18, June 20-22, September 26-28$325 / $370
 Guide School2014: April 5-6, 19-20, & 24-27 (2 weekends followed by a 4-day overnight river trip)$695.00