For whitewater kayakers, the river is a source of dynamic play and INFINITE ENJOYMENT. However, without the technical and mental skills to take on the challenge of this unique environment, the experience can be challenging and scary.

Skill Clinics for Paddlers help maintain the confidence and techniques needed to enjoy whitewater to the fullest. Even accomplished/advanced paddlers find that a stroke or boofing clinic can wipe away bad habits and refine maneuvers in harder whitewater. Our instructors are passionate about helping every individual feel more comfortable out on the rivers, whether that means stepping up to challenging whitewater or just catching an eddy with a smile.

No matter how you learn best, our Clinics will help you refine your skills. Using classroom time, on-water assessment and skill building, and video analysis, our clinics are designed to reach every student.

Boofing Clinic

The creeks of the Pacific Northwest flow through canyons and landscapes few others ever get to see. Without a solid boof stroke, you’ll never experience the classic whitewater and epic scenery. A good boof stroke goes beyond just creeking, the stroke can help confidently attack big water waves and hydraulics and other river features. Let us help you build this pivotal skill with confidence during our Boofing Clinics.

Pacific Northwest Creeking Clinics

Running remote and steep rivers requires specific techniques and considerations. Designed for intermediate and advanced kayakers, these clinics will cover tight and must-make eddy turns, boofing, running waterfalls, getting out of holes, scouting, setting up “safety” for your paddling partners and more. Step up your skills and start hitting the area’s famous creeks!

Women’s Paddling Clinics

Join Heather Herbeck, an inspiring and positive force in the local paddling community, each month for our Women’s Paddling Clinics. Whitewater kayaking can be as mentally challenging as it is physically challenging. Surround yourself with the support of fellow female paddlers and you’ll begin to see the river as a source of empowerment, enjoyment and adventure. Each month Heather will focus on different skills for different levels of paddlers. LEARN MORE

River Rescue for Paddlers

While our River Rescue courses don’t involve paddling your kayak, they might be the most valuable information you could learn as a whitewater boater. The dynamic environment of rivers requires us to be one step ahead, preparing for the rescue before it happens. Do yourself – and your paddling partners – a favor and learn how to prevent and manage river rescue situations.

What are these clinics really like?

See photos and stories from our previous specialized kayak courses on our blog, The Eddy Line.

Women’s Paddle Kayaking Series

2014: May 18, June 7, July 13, August 23, September 7
  • Price: $75
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Boofing Clinic

2014: June 8, July 13, August 24
  • Price: $95
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