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Wet Planet goes whitewater rafting on Oregon’s Owhyee River

As the 2010 season at Wet Planet starts to gear up, the staff got a front row seat to experience one of the multi-day trips we offer on the Owyhee River in southeastern Oregon. With 4 very full rafts and 4 kayaks, 14 of us began our long journey and kicked off our official staff trip. With sunny skies and warm weather, our put-in location near Rome, OR was amazing and we set off in search of stunning scenery, raw wilderness, and great whitewater. As we wound through stunningly deep canyons and 360 degree views, we had a wide array of weather through our 4-day, 57 mile trip including snow, hail, rain, and gale force winds. The wind was so strong at times rafts were blowing up stream and kayaks were flipping!

Owyhee River Rafting

Spring had most definitely sprung as Canadian geese and ducks led their babies along the shore. We kept our spirits high by staying plenty warm and eating a ton of delicious food prepared by our own staffers! I do believe some of us ate better at camp than we do at home. Hiking, finding natural hot springs, and the occasional bocce ball game allowed the staff to bond and enjoy some down time before the season really starts to pick up. Some staffers are just starting to reunite after leaving Husum last summer. Everyone had a great time (despite a few feeling under the weather) and pitched in, especially our oar rafts. Our take-out at Birch Creek was a bit anti-climatic as we got out to find our vehicles had not been shuttled and we were left high and dry until Todd and Curt hitched a ride back to the put-in and brought the van and truck back just as the sun was setting. After a long wait at Birch Creek, exploring an interesting truck stop, and enduring the long drive home to headquarters, it marked the end of another successful and memorable staff adventure here at Wet Planet. We offer the Owyhee River as one of our many multi-day trips and trust me; you won't want to miss taking advantage of Oregon's Grand Canyon with Wet Planet guiding you along the way.

Rafting the Owyhee River with Wet Planet


Wet Planet Owyhee River Staff Trip

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Friday, May 07, 2010 | Posted by Todd Collins @ 03:03 PM

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