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The Collection: Wet Planet Reveals Secrets of Columbia River Gorge Adventures

By Susan Hollingsworth

Packing in the outdoor adventures while in White Salmon, WA and Hood River, OR is really just standard.  This place just makes people wants to run around outside as much as they can, no matter visitor or local.  

However, locals have it easy.  Visitors must contend with unfamiliar territory and logistics. They must research directions and ask a ton of questions.

How far is...?
Can you recommend a good...?
What can I stop and do on my way back to Portland?
Which winery do the locals go do?

Wet Planet's Collection is your resource for local recreation opportunities

When really you just want to know where the local action-addicted, pleasure-seeker would go on his or her afternoon or day off. You want to hear directions from the guy that drives there all the time.  You want to know how much time it will really take.  You want to cut out the time wasted doing something mediocre.  

So here you go.  Welcome to the:

Wet Planet Adventure Experts' Professional Outdoor Opinions and Recommendations Collection.

We'll call it The Collection for short. 

Photo by Adam Mills Elliott

The Collection contributors live the dream.

A Collection specialist excels at the top of his or her choice activity, from extreme creeking to after-work hiking.  However, he or she knows that variety is the spice of life and therefore attempts to see and do everything.

The editors of The Collection are superheroes in their own way.  They wake up before dawn to squeeze in a hike, or rides a bike up a four-mile hill to see a good view of Mt Adams.  

We just want to have fun.  Especially the girls.Collection writers adhere to strict guidelines for their adventures:

1. Easy to find
2. Quickly gratifying

The following recommendations from The Collection have been passed down through generations (or seasons) of past Collection contributors. For you, we have decided to share our tips, tricks, and secrets to the playground we know as the Columbia River Gorge. We're talking the monkey bars, curvy slides and swings of true outdoors adventures.

While not all articles will be from a Pacific Northwest native, you can trust that any Collection author knows the most up-to-date beta on cheap and easy ways to get your outdoor and enjoyment fixes while in the Gorge.

Blogs with The Collection in the title will each highlight one such activity, or resource. Maybe we'll even publish a book one day. On second thought, we'll probably just go kayaking.  All Collection blogs will be published under the "Gorge Activities" category.  Just search for those posts and you'll be set.  

Have an idea for a quality recreation opportunity for the gorge?  Invite us along and we'll write about it!

So stay tuned my excited, outdoorsy friend. The Collection is here to help you...get everything you can from your time in the Columbia River Gorge.


Author Susan Hollingsworth is one of the most guilty adventure addicts in the Gorge.  

Friday, March 25, 2011 | Posted by Todd Collins @ 01:48 PM

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